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Topographic and underground survey

Topographic and
underground survey

At Geosoft, we provide a wide array of industrial measurement services for oil and gas, petrochemical and other industrial clients for all their survey requirements. Our strengths are topographic, underground surveys and commitment to providing end-to-end responsibility Our topographic survey department is dedicated to delivering the survey you want, be it traditional deliverables such as AutoCAD, MICROSTATION and hard copies, or more recent deliverables such as Civil 3D and REVIT.


Topographic mapping surveys
Topographic and underground survey applications
We conduct precise Topographic Mapping Surveys for documenting existing project site conditions for different purposes like urban and regional planning, project design, road and utilities route design, site preparation and grading, quantity and volume calculation.
Construction Layout & Stacking surveys
Our Advantages
Through our 20 years of work practice, Geosoft has built strong reputation for comprehensive, accurate and detailed topographic and underground services which helps client to reducing time, cost and harness technology to the best
Accurate base information
Accurate base information
We use the most advanced total stations, 3D laser scanners, drones and GPS units operated by our skilled team.
Gain confidence
Gain confidence
Our Utility Mapping Survey will provide you with the confidence to progress with your project and ensure success.
Reducing costly mistakes
Reducing costly mistakes
With full visibility of existing underground utilities, you can avoid damage to utilities such as pipelines, electricity cables thereby reducing damage costs.
Discrete & Confidential
Discrete & Confidential
We assure you that all the sensitive information related to your project will be given due respect throughout the process.
Combine survey
Combine survey
Geosoft combination of latest technology drones, 3D scanner, GPR provides client complete one shop survey measurements.
Great modern service
Great modern service
We are known to harness technology to the best to give you a service that will make your project successful.
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